All to Dipa, Sindhu and Sakshi, what about others?

All to Dipa, Sindhu and Sakshi, what about others?

Cash awards have been pouring in for star shuttler P.V. Sindhu, who clinched a silver medal in the women’s singles category at the Rio Olympics.

Total Prizes Announced for PV Sindhu add up to Rs 13 + crore so far:

  1. AP Govt 3 crores
  2. Telangana Govt 5 Crores.
  3. Delhi Govt 2 Crores
  4. MP Govt 50 Lakhs
  5. All India Football Federation 5 Lakhs
  6. Bharat Petroleum 75 Lakhs
  7. Salman Khan 25 Lakhs
  8. Badminton Association of India 50 Lakhs
  9. Mukkattu Sebastian, An Indian Businessman 5 Million USD
  10. Olympic Association of India 30 Lakhs
  11. Haryana Govt 50 Lakhs
  12. Railway Ministry 50 Lakhs
  13. About 2000 Square Yards of Land in AP and Telangana.
  14. Grade 1 Government Job in both Telangana and Andra Pradesh.
  15. A BMW Beemer worth 2 Crores.
  16. Mahindra to gift her their top in the line SUV
  17. 3-4 Builders in AP have announced Flats as a gift to Sindhu and her parents.
  18. One of the country’s top Jewellery chain to sign Sindhu as their Brand Ambassador

While Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao announced cash prize of Rs 50 lakh to Dipa Karmakar, who finished fourth in women’s vault Gymnastics event at the Rio Olympics.

And Sakshi Malik to get richer by at least Rs 2.5 crore after winning bronze medal at Rio 2016 Olympics

It’s really great to recognize and applaud all this great players for their achievements by showering prizes worth crores of rupees. But it looks like that we have been carried away with every international event now and even in past.

All the money promised by all the State and Central Governments, must be pooled into a Olympic fund to provide resources & train athletes for TOKYO 2020, with a targeted performance improvement to win medals. Let us get one of the IIM guys to lead manage this process. We need to use funds for development of all sports and not in just appraising individual achievements. Physical, Mental and Technical improvements are necessary with world class coaching and facilities to monitor and improve performance.

Each and every city of India should have better sports facilities. Grass roots improvement is necessary at school level. School is where we start increase targeted funding depending on school athletes performance and sports scholarships to go to schools with better facilities to train & coach. A clear path to attain high standards is necessary.

India’s preparations for Olympics 2024 need to start now.

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