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A Journey of Passion, Purpose, and People

Working Towards a Common Goal

TheGymnast Academy

The Gymnast is an academy that offers a safe and fun experience for all ages, with coaching led by award-winning high-performance coach Harish Parab. With over 30 years of experience in coaching gymnastics, The Gymnast aims to provide a positive environment for toddlers to veteran gymnasts alike.

We strongly believe in providing individual attention to all our students for their optimal growth and development. Hence, our classes maintain a constant student-teacher ratio, ensuring that every child receives personalized attention. This ensures maximum productivity and helps the child to learn effectively. We prioritize students’ needs and strive to provide an enriching learning experience that is tailored to their unique learning style. Our staff is committed to helping children achieve their full potential, and we are proud to have a reputation for high-quality education with a focus on individualized learning.

The Gymnast offers specialized coaching for competitive gymnasts, which has been instrumental in helping Harish Parab train both national and international level gymnasts. This coaching program provides athletes with the tools they need to achieve success in their sport while also allowing them to develop confidence and a strong work ethic. The Gymnast’s exceptional coaching has made it one of the leading gymnastics training centers in the region, helping aspiring athletes to achieve their dreams and make an impact in their sport.

Our coaching education system prioritizes the growth of coaches alongside the advancement of the children they work with. We believe in investing in the development of our coaches, recognizing its crucial role in achieving our goals. Our system ensures that our coaches receive the necessary training and support to improve their skills, enabling them to provide the best possible experience for the children they teach. Our focus on coach education reflects our commitment to delivering a high-quality program and optimizing the potential of both our coaches and students.

Our Team

Harish Parab

Head Coach

Vandita Raval

Women’s Head Coach

Swapna Parab

Asst. Head Coach

Kushan Agarwal

Gymnastics for Adult Coach

Manish Shinde

Asst. Coach

Bhaskar Naidu

Asst. Coach

Pradeep Pawar

Asst. Coach

Mrunmayee Joshi


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