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Summer Camps 2022

Residential Gymnastics Summer Samp 2022 at SVJCT

Residential Gymnastics summer camp at SVJCT sports academy was very fruitful. We would like to thank Shrikant Paradkar sir and SVJCT management for giving us this opportunity to experience their huge sports facility. From food to different sports activities like swimming, kho-kho, rock climbing, running and long jumps etc. all were very good.

For lot of Gymnast it was their first camp outside their hometown. First couple days were little challenging but at the end they performed very well. Coaches had a great experience too under the guidance of our Head Coach Harish Parab. How to apply new ideas in training and executive them to help gymnast get better was one of the highlight session.

We hope all the participants had a great experience and enjoyed all the different activities along with learning new skills.

Gymnastics Summer Camp at PTKS 2022

Congratulations to the Gymnast for successfully completing the May 2022 Gymnastics summer camp. We hope they enjoyed it and learn few Gymnastics skill with some fun games.

Gymnastics Summer Camp at Little Owls

Congratulations to our campers for a successful completion of the Gymnastics Summer Camp from 20th to 30th April 2022. We hope they enjoyed it and learn something. See you all very soon